Site owner to add voting functionality to the blog posts.

1. Control voting feature via voting on/off (admin feature)
2. Control allow or disallow post author to vote his own posts (admin feature)
3. Control allow or disallow public voting (admin feature)
4. Customise vote and voted text (admin feature)
5. Customise vote and voted buttons images (admin feature)
6. Customise alert message for non logged in users (admin feature)
7. Voting logs for site administrator (admin feature)
8. Sort voting logs by vote count or voted date (admin feature)
9. Show current vote count and vote button on frontend templates
10. Compitible with almost all of the themes. You just need to call required function from your template
11. Total vote count widget
12. Top voted widget
13. Now public voting supported.
14. Now shortcode supported. e.g. [wpvoting]
15. Top voted posts list shortcode

Features in future releases
1. Export to CSV for admin voting logs
2. Registered user voting logs
3. Re-implement backend voting log list with WP_List_Table class

1. Upload `wpv-voting` folder to `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Go to Voting menu >> Voting Options and turn on the voting feature
4. You may add the custom alert message for non logged in users
5. You can use shortcode `[wpvoting]` directly in your posts content < OR >
6. Add


between the wordpress loop of your theme templates such as category.php or single.php
7. You may also use shortcodes or widgets

Shorcode Usage

– Vote button –


– Top voted –

[wpv-top-voted show=&quot;10&quot; nopostmsg=&quot;Nothing to show!&quot;]

Note: This plugin will create two tables in your wordpress database

Q: Where all of my voting logs gone after I deactivated and reactivated the plugin?
A: This plugin’s uninstall function removes two tables which were created during plugin activation.

Q: Why that two tables need to be deleted during deactivation?
A: Because it is good for those people like who really want to completely remove the plugin from their CMS.

Q: So how can I record the voting logs before I deactivate the plugin?
A: In the next release, I will add export to csv feature to record the voting logs.

Q: Why I cannot vote even I am a logged in user?
A: Because the site admin disallowed post author to vote his own posts and the post what you are intended to vote might be your own post .

Q: How do I style the widgets to blend them into my theme?
A: You could use custom css feature which is on the voting options page to style the widgets.  For more information, please see the help section of the plugin option page (voting options page)

The first release of the plugin

Fixed broken images

Added allow or disallow post author to vote his own posts feature

Fixed voting on/off options not getting selected state after initial plugin activate
Fixed allow post author to vote his own posts options not getting selected state after initial plugin activate
Fixed allow post author to vote his own posts options not getting deleted after deactivate the plugin

Added custom vote text feature
Added custom voted text feature
Added custom vote button feature
Added custom voted button feature

Added shortcode support
Tested compability with WordPress 3.2.1

Fixed admin css

Added rest all voting

Added total vote count widget
Re-design admin voting options page

Added db version to options tbl for next release (public voting)

Added public voting feature (unregistered / non-logged in users voting)

Added top vote widget
Add safe-guard javascript pop-up confirmation box for “Reset All” button
Implemented proper un-installation (Now deactivate won’t delete db tables and settings)
Bug fix (two or more users voting from same computer can’t vote)

Added top voted list shortcode
Added wpv_voting_get_display_vote function to overcome vote button is keep showing at the top of the post
Now wpv_voting_display_vote will just echo out the wpv_voting_get_display_vote return
Vote button implementation is moved to wpv_voting_get_display_vote
Fixed vote button is keep showing at the top of the post when user uses [wpvoting] shortcode
Fixed minor CSS rule
Fixed minor spacing issue in javascript


Note: Kindly please rate this plugin or vote the compatibility whatever this plugin is working for you or not. So I could review it and improve the quality of this plugin. Appreciate your help!


161 thoughts on “WP Voting Plugin

  1. I have installed the plugin and did the a few voitings.
    In the backend I get 2 php warnings under the voting tab:

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /homepages/32/d248345259/htdocs/dev/ucawards/wp-content/plugins/wp-voting/wpv-voting-func.php on line 169 and defined in /homepages/32/d248345259/htdocs/dev/ucawards/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 992

    and again the same warning on line 217 in stead ofl one 169

    Is this a problem or what goos wrong?

    Please answer, for so far I like the plugin!

  2. Hi, I have two questions:
    1. Is there a way to switch off the counter from showing on the website?
    2. How can you switch off the limit of voting? Say, I want visitors vote for max. 5 times? Just like Billy Foster asked on March 2?

  3. Hi, thats a great and plugin!

    I hope you answer the questions :)

    How can we show the authors total points? Lets say he/she has 3 posts
    A Post: 3
    B Post: 10
    C Post: 2

    So can we show that this author has 15 points? Inside authors page or maybe top authors widget?

    • I’m having issues with the plugin working off and on. We can vote sometimes and then stops randomly without us even doing anything with the original set up?

  4. Our voting was working for a while, but now the voting button is not working. I’m not sure what happened because we didn’t change anything.

  5. Hi, I have set the setting to allow public to vote. But why some public are unable to vote?
    The vote button seems to be working and not working, working and not working…. on and off. We are now playing with refreshing the page again and again to see if the button works again. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

    Appreciate your help urgently!

    Thank you!

  6. Hi!
    Cool plugin.
    Is it possible to display the voting button only on specific posts (e.g. a certain category of posts)?

  7. Hi Guys,

    Greeting from SG. Well! I have consolidated all the feature requests and bug reports. Just bear with me for a few more weeks. I am working exciting things behind. Thank you for your support, donations and patient.

    Cheers! :)

    • Oh good, I was starting to look for another plug-in. For some reason this one doesn’t work with the jetpack plug-in from wordpress. I’m thinking maybe the javascript libraries are muddled.

  8. Hi, first off its a great plugin. I recently ran into trouble when I implemented infinite-scroll (another plugin for WP) and all freshly loaded posts lack a working voting button.

    Infinite-Scroll has the option for callbacks to execute with each set of posts but I am a little lost as to what to add :)

    • hi Matt,

      I had the same problem. I put the following wp-voting code inside the block, and now it works.

      I didn’t change anything in the infinite-scroll settings.

      hope this helps.

  9. Is there a way to limit it to like X votes per user? And maybe per user per day? We’d like to be able to limit a user to be able to vote for 5 things per day.


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