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The OBD1 charcoal canisters have three hoses on top while the OBD2 canisters only have two. The OBD2 motors lack the vacuum hose on the throttle body for the third hose. So I got a 96-01 Acura Integra charcoal canister. It is similar to the 96-00 Civic canister except that it has a larger capacity. Either canister slides right into your firewall mount and fits the lower hose. The lines on top of the canisters are marked "tank" and "PCV" (in this case "PCV" stands for "purge control valve"). The "tank" hose goes to the fuel line on the firewall and the "pcv" hose goes to the purge control valve in the center of the intake manifold. I wired this valve to the wiring for the old purge control valve, but unfortunately the OBD1 ECU doesn't control it correctly and you will get a surging idle. The AEM EMS will have no trouble controlling it. If you're converting your car to OBD2 and using the rare P2J 3 Stage VTEC ECU, then you'll want to use the OBD2 Purge Control Valve.

Hi Paul,
I live in Canada and we get some major storms. I have a 170 foot drive. I was looking at the new 3 stage Craftsmen 420cc 28 inch snow blower. Any thoughts or another one I should consider? Is there any deals for Canada dealing with Sears?

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Outside of Japan the engine block is stamped D15Z7. This is the most convenient way to refer to this engine, even though you may have the JDM version stamped "D15B". "3 Stage VTEC" is a very cumbersome term and causes all kinds of confusion, especially among people who have no interest in the D-series engines.

The 88870 will handle 4 to 20 inch snow well. It will handle that end of driveway snow all the time. It will not handle 1-4 inch snows well because the 3rd stage will tend to throw the snow out the front. If you got that one I would adjust the scraper bar right to the pavement and then use it like a snow plow to push the 1 to 4 inch snow into a pile that it would throw well.