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Perfect and Polite Panda look after Paradise Valley. They always speak in rhyme, finishing each other's sentences and complimenting one another's feelings. According to True Heart, back when all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins were very young, Perfect and Polite were frightened away by No Heart, which explains how they were separated.[]

All the Care Bears (early '80s style and colors, yo. Don't come after me with "CHAMP BEAR IS BLUE" or anything) are property of Those Characters From Cleveland/American Greetings/Nelvana.

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Regular Plush Care Bears:
There are many Plush Care Bears that are "regular size" or 13 inches tall. This was a very popular size which resulted in lots of Care Bears finding happy homes in the 1980s. This collection of vintage plush Care Bears is colorful and full of different personalities! The tummy symbol shows what the Care Bear is all about. Each vintage Plush Care Bear has a red heart on their behind, as well as a Kenner tush tag. See pictures of all the Plush Care Bears here!
Regular Care Bears
Bedtime Bear
Birthday Bear
Cheer Bear
Friend Bear
Funshine Bear
Good Luck Bear
Grumpy Bear
Love-A-Lot Bear
Tenderheart Bear
Wish Bear
Secret Bear
Baby Hugs
Baby Tugs
Grams Bear
Champ Bear
Share Bear
Harmony Bear
UK Exclusive Care Bears
Daydream Bear
Forest Friend Bear
Sea Friend Bear
Surprise Bear
Trueheart Bear
I Love You Bear

Winking Good Luck Bear

Good Luck Bear "Tummy Symbol" - Four-Leaf Clover

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They all look the same! And that’s not even all the Care Bears! Thankfully the Cousins are distinguishable in close-ups, but unfortunately their shoe-horn addition to the film is extremely perfunctory. At least Transformers: The Movie decided to make the bold decision to disturbingly kill off tons of the original characters to make room for the new toys.

Dark Heart is the main antagonist of the second Care Bears movie. A demonic entity capable of taking many forms, Dark Heart's mission was to capture all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins and spread his influence throughout the world.