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The Angry Birds shop is one of more than 13,500 Shopify-powered storefronts, joining the ranks of those spotlighting brands that range from technology conglomerate General Electric to hip-hop pioneers Beastie Boys. Premium subscriptions (Shopify's primary revenue source) begin at $29 per month; there's no setup fee, bandwidth is unlimited and retailers can cancel their subscription at any time. Shopify stores generate more than $150 million a year in gross merchandise volume, and the platform is adding more than 1,000 new stores each month.

Nieuw is ook Magic Place, een plek waar de online en de echte wereld elkaar ontmoeten. In Magic Place kunnen bezoekers op hun smartphone Angry Birds spelen. Ze krijgen er extra niveaus en speelmogelijkheden die buiten het park niet beschikbaar zijn. De extraatjes blijven wel op de mobiele telefoon of tablet van de gasten staan, zodat ze thuis ook nog met de extra mogelijkheden kunnen spelen. Bij elk nieuw bezoek zijn er telkens weer nieuwe power-ups, levels en add-ons beschikbaar. Bijzonder in het nieuwe kinderland is ook de Angry Birds Shop, die van binnen helemaal is ontworpen door Rovio Entertainment.

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    While browsing, I stumbled upon an actual angry birds shop that is becoming increasingly popular. Looking for an iPhone4 cover or want to start collecting the angry birds AND pigs collectibles? Check out this


    We saw a sign walking the streets of Madrid and freaked out. There couldn't really be an Angry Bird Shop.

    There could. There is.

    It is filled with joy and toys. Little angry bird stuffed animals. Lunch boxes. T-shirts. Clothing. A giant angry bird sits behind the counter and it glows. Oh my god.

    I will take off one star for one thing: The service, which was terrible. Beyond terrible. They had a grumpy dude sitting behind the counter who looked like he hated working in this shop filled with joy. How is that possibly, sir, you are in the angry bird sho;. Cheer up.

    If you are a fan of everything angry bird, and let's be fair, if you've made it this far in the review you are, come here. Come here now.