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Online Training - animated talking characters can help train professionals on the use of new online services, software tools by guiding leading users through diagnostic and troubleshooting processes

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The reason why animated talking characters may be important marketing and communication tools in virtual environments is due to the fact that all human-media interactions are fundamentally social. Whether we like to see this or not, Professor Reeves at the Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information has spent some serious time researching this over the arch of many years and what he writes in his recent report on "" (PDF - 11 pages) is quite fascinating:

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g) Can facilitate site navigation.
Animated talking characters can also provide increased customer retention due to their ability to facilitate, clarify, guide and coach readers and prospective customers in more easily completing tasks or navigation paths that may be otherwise too difficult or not immediately self-evident to them.

j) Are easy to update, modify.
All of the animated talking character tools on the market make it really easy for anyone to build, modify, update and add new talking characters to their web sites. Interfaces are highly graphical and on average quite easy to use.