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The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design


B-TEAM (GenerikB and BdoubleO100) Speed Art by K R I S P E R

According to another version, Duchamp did not create , but rather assisted in submitting the piece to the Society of Independent Artists for a female friend. In a letter dated 11 April 1917 Duchamp wrote to his sister Suzanne telling her about the circumstances around submission: "Une de mes amies sous un pseudonyme masculin, Richard Mutt, avait envoyé une pissotière en porcelaine comme sculpture" ("One of my female friends, who had adopted the male pseudonym, Richard Mutt, sent me a porcelain urinal as a sculpture." Duchamp never identified his collaborator, but two candidates have been proposed: the Dadaist , whose scatological aesthetic echoed that of Duchamp, or , who contributed an essay to discussing . Norton, who recently had separated from her husband, was living at the time in an apartment owned by her parents at 110 West 88th Street in New York City, and this address is partially discernible (along with "Richard Mutt") on the paper entry ticket attached to the object, as seen in Stieglitz's photograph.

MARLON R. NUNEZ is a Senior Character/Texture Artist from Gran Canaria, Spain. In this post you will see Gandhi 3D Art by Marlon R. Nunez. 3D project to recreate Mahatma Gandhi in 3D. Created high frequency details using displacement maps from TexturingXYZ.

Want some? ( PauseUnpause ) Speed Art by K R I S P E R

Art is Art is Art by L R Emerson II

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