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In terms of benefits to the child, autism therapy toys provide natural learning opportunities. Play therapy with toys designed for autistic children improve sensory perception, fine motor skills, balance, and language skills, as well as helping cognitive development and improving social interactions. These toys provide benefits and learning opportunities in the most natural manner possible.

In therapeutic settings, play therapy provides not only benefits and learning opportunities for the child, but also evaluation opportunities for the therapist. Autism therapy toys in these settings are used to evaluate communication, fine motor skills, adaptive behaviors, and sensorimotor development during initial assessment. As therapy progresses, toys and playtime can help therapists evaluate progression toward specific goals and measure improvements.

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Autism Sensory Toys for teachers and therapists

The benefit of autism therapy toys and play therapy is not limited to just therapeutic settings. Parents can purchase such toys from a variety of sources to help reinforce what children learn in therapy. The result can often be a stronger bond and more positive relationship between the parent and their autistic child. There are different toys for different goals, with each garnering benefits differently, depending on the child’s age, abilities, and willingness to participate in play.

Autism therapy toys are useful tools in a variety of settings, from occupational therapy to social skills development. Parents can use such therapy toys to help reinforce learning. Read more to discover the many benefits of therapeutic toys for children on the autism spectrum.