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Bumkins Disney Baby Waterproof SuperBib 2 Pack, Mickey Mouse (Classic/Icon) (6-24 Months)


Broadway Babies icon - for contest - Polyvore

Sims can also have babies in . These can only be gained by placing a cot (bought from the Home Store) in a household where two married, adult Sims live. The player must then click on the baby icon above the cot. If the icon is grey then a baby cannot be attained because either the player has reached their current Sim limit or there are already four Sims in that household. If the icon is blue then a baby can be bought with a number of Simoleons and it will appear in the cot after a day. At this point gender, eye-color, clothing and skin color of the baby can be selected. Players may choose whether or not to have the baby look like its parents.

Cute Baby Icons is an interesting collection that will provide you with baby related object to use as your icons. This set includes icons of: Baby bottle, Rattle, Baby carriage, Diaper, Pacifier, and Electronic nanny.

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  • Broadway Babies icon - for contest
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