Today I’m sharing a Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake.

Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Felt Party Hat


Today I’m sharing a Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake

A Baby Einstein 1st birthday party has become an extremely popular theme among parents. Baby Einstein is known to help curious children learn to appreciate music, art, and nature. Here are some great ways to make your baby’s first birthday educational and fun for all who attend:

Here is a list of the best and most popular Baby Einstein 1st birthday ideas for icebreaker activities.Bubble Time: There isn't a child out there who doesn'tlove bubbles. Though you can blow them yourself, it will be moreconvenient to use a bubble machine. If you are having children blow their own bubbles have them usespill proof bottles and wands. While the children are crawling andrunning around chasing the bubbles, it's a good idea to have some BabyEinstein party music playing in the background to get your guestsmoving. Have you ever tried to make your own bubble mixture at home andit didn't work? Here's how to make that perfect bubble mixture formulaat home. Baby Einstein Coloring Pages: Provide kids with crayonsand markers, and have them color in theme related coloring books whilewaiting for the party to begin. Make sure that there is always an adult present while smallchildren are coloring, since children tend to want to write oneverything in the room. Also remember broken crayons can be a chokinghazard.Tattoos: Temporary tattoos are a fun first birthday partysubstitute for face painting. It is not particularly safe for one yearolds to have face paint on, as they may eat it or rub it in their eyes.Baby Playdough: Playdough is a great 1st birthday partyidea for your Baby Einstein birthday party; it will spark curiosity inyour baby and guests. Give your birthday baby and little guest'splastic animal cookie cutters and some Playdough. If they choose not touse the cookie cutter just let them play and explore on their own, thecookie cutters can be sent home with them as a party favor. Do you want to make your own homemade playdough? Here are our their are edible and non-edible recipes to help take away that worry of "what will happen if my child eats it?"Baby Einstein Videos: You can play your kid's favorite Baby Einstein DVD as guests arrive until the party activities begin.

Baby Einstein 1st birthday Cake

Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Ideas

Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake Plate
Each of these packages includes eight 7″-round Baby Einstein 1st Birthday cake plates that are perfect for holding appetizers and desserts alike.