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Goplus® Childs 30 key Toy Grand Baby Piano w/ Kids Bench Wood Black New

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How about this gorgeous mini baby grand piano for toddler? Isn’t it amazing? It looks just like a real full-size concert grand-piano! It also makes the same chime-like notes the other Schoenhut pianos make. Even though parents may think the notes sound too much like a toy, for toddlers and kids it sounds ‘magical’! Perfect for kids 2 years old and up!

Gorgeous Schoenhut white concert baby grand piano for toddler!
I love white pianos and this white baby grand for toddlers is very beautiful!
The greatest thing about this toddler baby grand piano is that it is big enough to be with your child for many years!
Teaching a toddler how to play the piano will give him a huge advantage later on!

Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand Piano - Red.

Toddler Baby Grand Piano - Kmart