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This is michael in the big pool we got last summer (2014)

Nirvana’s 1994 album Nevermind -- which changed rock 'n’ roll and sold 30 million copies worldwide and a bunch of other stuff -- featured on its cover a naked baby swimming in a pool, chasing after a dollar attached to a fishing line. As far as album covers go, it's instantly recognizable.

The hit Nirvana album that has sold over 30 million copies worldwide is looking to revamp and get a facelift for the upcoming 25th anniversary. All those years ago, Spencer Elden posed for the image of a naked baby in a swimming pool chasing after a dollar bill on a hook.

He was so excited to help clean it after we had emptied it

  • You must take sensible precautions to protect the pool from babies doing what comes naturallyhaving a bowel movement in the pool. Use "swim diapers" specifically designed for going in water. Check and clean the diaper area before entering the pool. And it's best not to take baby into a pool immediately after a feeding when a BM is most likely.
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