Title: Baby Sister (TV Movie 1983)

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Can you ever tell she loves her baby sister! Great capture.

I love seeing my repeat clients, who drove all the way from Loveland, Colorado to Denver to see me so I could photograph their newest baby girl. I hadn’t seen Blake, big sister now, since she was a newborn for her photo session and she has grown into a beautiful little girl. She was absolutely precious and so gentle and proud of her new baby sister. The photos of the two of them together are priceless.

Elliott’s parents were so sure that his baby sister was going to be a boy…so sure that when she finally arrived, they had absolutely no idea what they were going to name her! For now, she’s called baby sister (chosen by Elliot…how cute!!) and she is just absolutely gorgeous. At a mere 9-days-old, she slept like an absolute dream, despite the ragingly high temps here in Sydney today. And at 9 pounds, she was full of squishy cuteness. What a little doll!!

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    Elliott is two-and-a-half and soooooo cute. Seriously, with those blue eyes and blonde waves, the girls are going to be lining up in another ten or fifteen years! He was just so cute with his baby sister as well. He gave her tons of kisses and cuddles the whole time we were there. It was absolutely adorable.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, it basically means that her baby sis, 14-year-old Noah, now has the task of making sure Miley’s clothes are covering her private parts properly at all times and that she looks her very best.