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Traditionally, baby slings and carriers were simply adaptations of whatever a culture normally used to carry anything heavy. , , animal skins, and wooden carrying structures have all been adapted to carry infants and children. Inuit mothers continue to use the packing parka or to carry children. In the west, this phenomenon has resulted in a variety of carriers based on camping backpacks. One design, used in , resembles a small Mayan-style , in which an infant or child is either carried in a net on the back of an adult, or hung on a tree branch or house beam. Historical photographs of indigenous peoples show babies worn in sashes, baskets and nets hung from the parent's forehead. Cradleboards and carriers hung from one shoulder like a purse have also been documented in several cultures.

Is a baby sling right for you? Some parents prefer to wrap on a baby sling to carry their baby and skip the .Here we'll teach you how slings work, what they cost, and provide you with tips for using a sling safely.

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