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From the Frozen North to the Deep jungle and beyond, The Backyardigans are singing and dancing their way all over the world in season 1- without ever leaving their backyard!

We received the Backyardigans Singing Sensation DVD to review and as soon as we started watching it we loved it. Danika was dancing and “singing” along with the fun characters on the screen. I love that at least if she is watching something on TV she is dancing and interacting with the characters. I also loved that it gives you the words on the screen so that I could sing along and interact with her and the songs. And yes I did sing along 🙂

Backyardigans Singing Snow Going Uniqua

  • In Box Backyardigans Sing & Explore Pirate Uniqua Plush Fisher Price $40.00 at eBay Hello, I have a new in box Backyardigans Sing Explore Pirate Uniqua. Please note, this needs new batteries and the box has some wear.
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    The Backyardigans Singing Sensation is the 2nd DVD in the Singing Sensation series and was definitely a hit at our house. While watching The Backyardigans: Singing Sensation!, kids can pretend to be a reggae-singing pirate or a funk-loving astronaut! Ride the range with some hip-hopping cowboys! Perform a rock operetta as a mighty knight encountering an even mightier dragon… and more! The DVD features four “pods” of videos, each with a different musical theme.

    You can buy Nickelodeon’s Backyardigans Singing Sensation for around $16.99, available in stores now! This would also make a fun Birthday or upcoming Christmas present!