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Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll


Barbie Colour Magic Mermaid Doll

Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Collection: This beautiful mermaid changes color like the sea, transforming hues from head to tail with water of different temperatures. Her hair is restyled with three colors-pink, purple and blue-and her tail changes to multiple colors that vary with the water temperature. Her seahorse squirt-toy friend can be used to create even more magical transformation on her tail, especially when filled with water of another temperature. Designed for unique movement, girls can also bend this mermaid doll's tail to create a realistic swimming motion and discover the Barbie Fairytale Magic. Includes mermaid doll, seahorse squirt toy, brush, tiara and necklace. Each doll sold separately, collect them all.

Kids can change the color of Barbie's hair and mermaid tail with the Barbie Color Magic Mermaid doll. Icy cold water deepens the color of the doll's pink, purple, and blue hair streaks. The pink tail and fin also turn a dark purple. Warm water lightens the hair streaks and tail. The doll returns to its original colors when dry. The doll features elaborate, oversized fins and a bendable tail so that kids can create lots of mermaid moves and poses. The doll also comes with a teal seahorse water squirter and a pink brush. The doll is also available in a brunette version, which is sold separately.

Barbie Colour Magic Mermaid Doll

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