2 x 7.4 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Packs (2200 mAh) + Smart Charger

Duracell Procell C 12 Pack PC1400


Figure Global Railway battery Capacity of Key Manufacturers in 2015

The Terminator laser was actually wired to a battery concealed in his clothes, with a wire running up his sleeve. The entire tube on the gun is all laser hardware.

My one request: I’d like to see LaserMax improve on the Spartan by changing the battery compartment to a sealed screw cap on the front that doesn’t require unmounting the whole device from the gun to change the battery. (Safely and completely breaking down the pistol first, of course.)

Figure Global Railway battery Capacity of Key Manufacturers in 2016

LSH20 Lithium Battery Pack 7.2v, used in Gas Heaters. See Warn...

Figure 2015 Railway battery Production Share by Manufacturers

The Spartan is very light. Almost too light: my first thought was ‘is this going to withstand repeated punishment’? The LED sits on the right hand side, the laser in the middle (and slightly above), in line with the bore axis and the battery compartment on the left.

On lasers in general for a handgun: With the laser being so close to the bore, almost all off set issues are solved- with that being said, I can’t think of a single reason not to have a laser on a gun outside of having the beam give away your location. But this won’t be used at battlefield distances, but rather within 20 yards (inside a home/building primarily). In no/low light conditions, identifying your target is of extreme importance and the use of a light is more likely to give away your location anyway. The laser will allow for unconventional aiming/sighting positions in extreme/unusual circumstances, though. And that’s the only system that can allow for that. Fwiw.