How often should you bathe your baby?

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Bathing time can also become special time of bonding for parents and baby. Baby does not require a daily bath during the first year of life. Bathing an infant more than thrice a week can cause infant’s skin to dry out, as per the American Academy of Pediatrics. For baby’s health, maintaining cleanliness is really very important. Bathing creates a special bond between child and mother. Moreover, it is a time when mother actually talk, sing and play with her child. Get everything ready before you start bathing your child. Before bathing a baby, you will require the following items:

As soon as you bathe baby, wrap up your baby in the towel right away to avoid chilling of her. Previous to wearing clothes back on or putting a diaper, dry your baby thoroughly to avoid any rashes. It is not necessary to apply lotion; it could also lead to irritation if used too frequently. If you make use of lotion, then use a mild one especially prepared for babies. After-bath routine, parents can also include infant massage.

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Most of the parents are very exciting about their first baby. However, giving a bath to newborn baby can be the most intimidating experience for first-time parents. Bathing a baby is task that demands your full attention and concentration. Even for a second, taking your eyes off the baby during bathing baby can go wrong in even a very small amount of water. So, you must have knowledge about few different bathing techniques which will help you to ensure that giving a bath is not the big problem. It depends on you how to make baby bath time fun. By learning different baby bathing techniques as well as doing some planning and preparation, you can make your baby’s bathing safer and more enjoyable.

Bathing a baby is one of my favorite activities. It can be such a great relaxing time for you and the baby. Older kids also love to help out if your baby isn't the first one on the block. Here are some baby bathing basics. Remember to talk to the baby as you are bathing. If you're unsure of what to say, simply tell them, step-by-step what you're doing. They love this interaction and it stimulates their brain and makes them feel more comfortable.