today. Each box contains 5 scented bath fizzy tablets for only $10.

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Can I use Vitamin tablets in the laundry?Yes. Chlorine is a common ingredient of detergents. During the rinse cycle, adding a Vitabath tablet to your washing machine will neutralize chlorine and protect cloth fibers against chlorine attack.

How do the these bath tablets remove chlorine and chloramines from water?
Our AlkaViva bath tablets utilizes ascorbic acid (vitamin C) chemistry for dechlorination. Vitamin C does not hold the chlorine; it turns free chlorine and chlorine by-products into a harmless compound.

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    Color My Bath Color Changing Bath Tablets, 300-Piece by Toysmith. We offer products in many key categories including: active play, science discovery, arts crafts, impulse novelty toys, and nostalgic r...
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    Add a dazzling array of color to your little one's bath with these bath tablets. The scent-free design is made from food-grade coloring, providing a fun and safe water-bound flourish.

    Suggested use: One tablet per bath. As Vitabath dissolves, the vitamin C will become effervescent and begin to fizz. One Vitabath effervescent tablet will neutralize 1 ppm chlorine and chloramines in 100 gallons of water Great for a luxurious bath!