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At first glance, shopping for used beanbag plush toys may seem overwhelming. Before buying a single toy, do a little research. Learn how to determine the value of these toys, and find out how to tell whether a beanbag plush toy is in mint, near-mint, excellent, very good or damaged condition. By knowing the basics, finding great used beanbag plush toys is sure to be a snap.

At any given moment, there are hundreds of used beanbag plush toys for sale on eBay. To find the perfect one, start in the section, and then click over to the category. This category is broke up into many subcategories, including brands like and . There is also an entire section dedicated to , which include things like display cases and tag protectors. To locate a specific toy, use the search function.

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Most beanbag plush toys are some type of animal. The options will vary widely from the classic teddy bear to the unique iguana. In this, the animal can be chosen to perfectly cater to the child's or collector's interest. Some animals may be easier to find than others. Common animals such as dogs or cats are readily available at most retailers while unusual creatures such as spiders or parrots may require a more focused search.


Beanbag plush toys can actually come in any shape imaginable. Historically, beanbags were often simple squares or balls and were used for different styles of play. Plush toys are less commonly made for these reasons, but it is still possible to find beanbag plush toys in simple geometric shapes. These toys may also be in the shape of other objects such as baseball bats, soccer balls, cars,, and more.


Some beanbag plush toys are made in the appearance of popular figures. This could include a plush Buzz Lightyear or a bean-filled Spiderman.. These character-themed beanbag plush toys are often popular with children, but they may also be more expensive due to licensing agreements.

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Without a doubt, the most important research that can be performed before buying a used beanbag plush toy involves its value. In the excitement of finding the perfect toy, it's easy to make a purchase without confirming its value first. This is a good way to pay far too much for a used beanbag plush toy. There are buyer's guides out there that publish the current value of most used beanbag plush toys. In many cases, these values are listed according to condition as well. Collectors who plan to buy many used beanbag plush toys are wise to consult these guides.

Many beanbag plush toys include ribbons. Ribbons are usually tied around animals' necks, but they may be affixed elsewhere as well. A good way to confirm the authenticity of a used beanbag plush toy is by examining its ribbon. If the ribbon is missing entirely, the toy's value will drop significantly. If the ribbon is present, make sure that it looks the way it should. This can be confirmed by looking at photos of the toy online.