where can i get replacement parts for the bebe sounds nasal sucker

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My dd had terrible congestion for the first few months of life (enough to have her suctioned at Children's a few times) so I feel I can speak with some background in the subject. The best thing I found was a combo of Bebe Sounds Nasal Clear and the "Nosefrida" (. Both used in conunction I found were the most effective (my little one was so congested that she couldn't nurse...this was the ONLY thing that worked). Also my Dr. gave my dd a for "Cardec" drops, a sugar-free decongestant/antihistimine. Now, my Dr at the time was extremely cautious about giving ANY meds for babies, but finally after the third frantic phone call informing him she couldn't eat he gave in. It really helped.
Good luck, hon!

We've been using the Bebe Sounds Nasal Aspirator. You can find it at Babies R Us: It is quick & painless. Baby has very little time to fuss. I do have to admit that my 16 month old (who just got over a cold)fought us since she knew what was coming-she'd hear the motor (very loud) & wasn't easily distracted by the music (yes, it plays songs). However, you could probably get it done alot quicker with your little ones. I did use the regular issued aspirator when I thought this one wasn't doing the best job. I think it's a good product for infants as toddlers aren't as easy to keep steady! Other suggestions: The Safe Lift Crib Wedge (you can buy it at Babies R Us). YOu slip it beneath the mattress & it gives just the right amount of incline. We have used this many times (especially through the winter months). Other than that, I also recommend using saline drops to clear their nasal passages. Another thing that greatly helped us was steam showers. We'd hold our daughter or put her in her or bouncer & turn our shower on the hottest setting. Sit in there for 10-20 minutes. Mostly, you'll just have to be patient (not easy-I know) and ride this one out. Sleep patterns will get back to normal once the cold passes. Hang in there!

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    Another option for cleaning out a baby's nasal passages is the Graco BebeSounds NasalClear Nasal Aspirator. A battery-operated device, it maintains suction continuously, although some users find that the suction is not strong enough to be effective. Generally, this device is more useful for mucous that has a thinner consistency. It comes with two flexible silicone tips to accommodate different nostrils, and a plastic cup attached to the device allows parents to see the congestion levels as congestion is relieved. The device also comes apart easily and the removable parts are dishwasher safe. Parents reported that the regular model sometimes disturbs children due to the noise it makes, but the BebeSounds version plays 12 different songs to entertain the baby while the device is in operation.

    BebeSounds NasalClear™is the new battery-operated nasal aspirator for babies and toddlers that provides mothers with a superior alternative to manual aspirators. It alleviates nasal congestion much faster and is easier to use. Battery operated.