Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Bath Wash

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath, 28 Ounce (Pack of 4) Packaging May Vary


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I tried many different body washes for my son only because my mom would always buy them for him. She always liked spoiling him. I really liked this Johnson's baby bedtime bubble bath and wash. It was very lightweight and it made my sons bath time fun. I only used a cap full of this soap and he got a lot of bubbles. It had a soft lavender scent that was very mild and gentle to his skin. Its safe to use everyday and I even used it for his hair and body. It didn't dry his skin out and it kept his body feeling soft. This soap lathered very well on his hair and it was easy to comb after. Its tear free so it didn't burn his eyes when I rinsed it off. His skin felt very moisturized without having that greasy feel. My sons body felt really smooth and he smelled really clean before he went to bed. This is a perfect body wash to use before your little goes to bed, its very relaxing and soothing. I would definitely use this on my next child.

You always want the best for your child. Bath time should be no different. I am a huge fan of the Johnson's brand and I came across Johnson's baby bedtime bubble bath & wash a few months ago. I tried it and my daughter loves it. It has the lavender scent, which is why it is called bedtime bubble bath. The lavender will help relax your child and help them fall asleep faster. It is a wonderful bubble bath product. I know you may think that just having a lavender scent may not be as affective as I am saying. Let me just tell you this. My daughter is now two years old and has rarely slept through the night. I tried this product and it seems to help a lot. Now it's not like drugging your child. They can still have sleepless nights, but the lavender scent will help them relax to get a better nights sleep. You can find Johnson's baby bedtime bubble bath and wash just about anywhere. I buy it at Walmart and the price is right. It is not too expensive. Plus, the Johnson brand also has the bedtime lotion, which also has the lavender scent. I use them both and they are wonderful. I would recommend this product to anyone.

The scent is wonderful. It is a lavender scent and I even use this stuff for myself sometimes. It is that great.

Johnson Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash, 28 Fluid Ounce

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    This is a soothing bath and wash. It has a great fragrance, which can help sooth a baby, as I used to use it with my own children when they were a little younger. However, if your baby is very fussy, their teeth or growing in, or if they have, like my youngest had-colic, this isn't a miracle bubble bath. It may help, but it's not going to dramatically improve your baby's disposition. With that being said, it can help calm babies right before bedtime.

    This bedtime bubble bath and wash, doesn't wash very well. I use it inside the water as a bubble bath only because it doesn't lather that well, which means it really doesn't clean. Johnson's regular shampoo and bath wash cleans much better than this, without being horribly drying to the skin. I used this on my children when they were younger, and I still use it because it's great to calm you right before bed.

    I love the scent to this bubble bath and wash, it's a very soft and gentle scent of lavender. This is why it's a perfect relaxer. The formula is so gentle, it's perfect for babies, newborns or even those with sensitive skin.

    Our Soothing & Settling Baby Bedtime Bath Wash is perfect for use before bedtime. Our gentle formula is blended with delicate aromas that will encourage your baby to place their little head down to rest, promoting a calm that will last well into the night.