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Is your little one ready for some off-road fun and adventure? Then check out our large selection of kid’s mountain bikes. Aggressive frames with low standover, tough wheels and high-traction tires are built to tackle mud, dirt and rough terrain. Mountain bikes for older kids can include front suspension to help smooth out the bumps.

I have 2 kids on junior race bikes 20inch 24inch and I am putting together an XS frame on 700 wheels which the older one will move onto, and the younger will move onto the 24 inch. I think the best thing about putting kids on smaller bikes is the shorter cranks, it encourages the kids to spin properly.
I think the aero design of the culprit in unnecessary, as these kids don’t reach the speeds needed to take advantage of it. The weight is good, but I think with out the aero design they could build it lighter. A 1kg lighter bike for a kid is the same as a 2kg lighter bike for an adult. I am sure the kids will enjoy racing a lighter bike than a more aero bike.
I think 8 kg is a bit heavy for this size of bike for the price. There are other 20 inch bikes at nearly the same weight for half the price.

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I love the idea of kids on road bikes, but this is too expensive for something that will last 2 years… Felt and others make 650c and 24″ road bikes for kids for around 800$.
It’ over built, I know if you have the money, and the idea of daddy’s lil racer is fine, but this is a niche market – these bikes fall somewhere in between big name bike companies and the custom built rigs.
Also – I think the little girl in the picture is actually not riding the bike, just sitting on it while its held up out of frame. Her hair is not moving from air movement, and there is not blur or distortion from motion…. And I agree, the reach to the levers is a massive gap – yes you can shim it in, it’s unfortunate that there is not a big enough market to make smaller than adult size shift levers and hoods

Advantage of balance bikes is of course balance but also weight. Balance bikes seem to have figured out a bike should not weigh as much as the kid riding it, can find ones with foam wheels that weigh in at 7-8 lbs, not so with pedal bikes. My son was on a balance bike and trike by 2, got the lightest 12 inch bike we could find (specialized but still like 16 lbs) when he was 3 and rode it immediately, I mean immediately, no issue hopped on pushed his feet like a balance bike then pedaled like his trike. Now at 4 1/2 he is riding bumpy rooty single track, down limited stairs and scaring the hell out of me and his mother. My only gripe with the pedal bike is weight of course, believe spawn bicycles also makes somewhat lighter pedal bikes for kids. Training wheels are more like un-training wheels the more you use the crutch the harder it is to learn to balance.