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2" Pokeman Blastoise Aka Kamex Figurine

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Blastoise Figurine | Simply Stunning Cake Designs

It seems kind of bizarre to me that we’re getting a Blastoise figure before his much more famous pre-evolution, Squirtle, but that’s likely because the small size of Squirtle and the high price-point of the Bandai D-Arts line aren’t a good match. I have no doubt that Squirtle (and more importantly, Pikachu) are on Bandai’s radar, but there haven’t been any hints dropped by Bandai whatsoever that we may see Squirtle in the Pokemon D-Arts line any time in the near-future.

You can actually do a few dollars cheaper by importing Blastoise, however–. I have ordered the D-Arts Pokemon Blastoise action figure, and will post a review and in-depth photos once I receive mine in a couple weeks.

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  • Blastoise clone figurine by Bestary on DeviantArt

    The Bandai Pokemon D-Arts Blastoise figure is scheduled to be released in June 2013, with pre-orders set to open up in the next week. I’ll post a link to the pre-order for Blastoise as soon as it’s available. , although the Charizard D-Arts figure has already sold out from virtually every online store. Blastoise will surely be another fast-seller, so reserve yours early if you want him!

    Although Blastoise hasn’t been very feasible to use in competitive Pokemon battles in years (he was never all that great, to be truthful), Blastoise has a special spot in my heart–I picked Squirtle as the first Pokémon I ever started with a Pokemon video game. So though I’ll never spend dozens of hours training a Blastoise for competitive video game play, I knew I’d be bringing home the unquestionable best Blastoise action figure ever made: this Pocket Monsters D-Arts Blastoise by Bandai.