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Though we like the the bumGenius Freetime All-in-One, there are some downsides to this system. With any AIO, re-using the cover is not an option, so it makes for more laundry as well as the necessity to have a larger number of AIO diapers on hand than compared to a hybrid cloth diapering system like the , our Best Value award winner. The fabric of the Freetime also retains some stains. All of the bumGenius diaper covers have to be line-dried, and because these inserts are sewn in, the whole thing has to be dried this way which definitely requires additional time in your laundry routine.

Although the 4.0 leaked initially, absorbency (and leakage) did improve over time. However, remember to wash bumGenius cloth diapers with 1/4 cup of bleach once a month to keep absorbency maximized. Otherwise, leaking will return. This stripping is necessary with the 4.0 because it both retains odors and resistant faster than the other diapers we tested.

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As mentioned above, bumGenius cloth diapers need to be washed with 1/4 cup of bleach once a month which will help with odor build-up. because many other diaper brands like the have strict "no bleach" instructions. Therefore, if you are using multiple cloth diaper brands, separating the wash is very important.

Oeko‐Tex Standard 100 certification indicates that bumGenius diapers have been stringently tested and are free from harmful or problematic substances.