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Babymouse #12: Burns Rubber


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In the main menu you have the option of choosing from several different continent, and each continent has a few race tracks of it's own. You'll start out with the ability to choose one car, but as you progress through the game, you can purchase body kits and new cars. By the time you reach the final levels you'll have a tremendous arsenal of cars and upgrades to choose from. At the end of each race your total cash prize will be calculated. If you can manage to finish the race quickly then you'll receive a cash bonus. After the race you'll be taken back to the challenge selection screen where you can view the new items and challenges you've unlocked, as well as your high score located at the bottom. Burnin Rubber 4 has more challenges than any other flash racing game online.

I already played through this whole game and it's very good but it's also very short. I would like if you added more missions. And also the controls aren't that great. Maybe you could add buttons for throttle and reverse. Also think we should be able to add whatever guns into whatever car like burnin rubber 5 on the PC. I would also like a map in the top left corner like the PC version .And I love the burnin rubber 4 map, it is AWESOME!! Car list is also great. The weapons and explosions are the best part about this game. If you like explosions and cars you have to get this game. If you made it this far, Amazing game, keep up the good work,😃

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This needs an update very soon, I can barely stand the controls. At least put the controls in burnin rubber shift into this game. And also add customization, I don't like having to have a certain weapon with a certain car.

Ever felt so frustrated that you just want to watch the world burn? Of course, that would put you behind bars so you can live out this dark fantasy in Burning Rubber Crash n Burn! Grab your car and enforce maximum throttle as you race to the safe house.