Young tots love Caillou and friends

Caillou Best Friend, Electronic Doll


Caillou - Caillous Friends (S01E10)

Despite the , the little people among us have taken a shine to Caillou. That's why children who are familiar with the show will very likely—at least initially—be interested in the "interactive" Caillou Best Friend Electronic Doll.

Caillou is an animated French-Canadian four-year old whose theme song has been scientifically engineered to torment the parents of young children. If Caillou hasn't injected himself into the lives of any preschool-aged people in your household, then consider yourself among the fortunate. Okay, that's a bit of hyperbole. As a matter of fact, Caillou is far from the most annoying thing in my young son's limited media diet (that particular crown goes to ). In its own way, Caillou can be downright charming and offers a uniquely innocent take on family and growing up. That's why the lack of craftsmanship put into the Caillou Best Friend Electronic Doll ($39.99) is particularly disappointing.

Caillou And Friends Survive Forever

Play games with Caillou and friends! You need Adobe Flash to play games with Caillou.

Caillou And Friends: Lessons Learned Intro

The Caillou Best Friend Electronic Doll may be tempting if your toddler is a big fan of the titular show, but given the poor execution, they may be disappointed by this toy.

Overall, it's tempting to consider the Caillou Best Friend Electronic Doll if your toddler is particularly enamored of the titular show. And it's certainly a fairly faithful three-dimensional rendition of the two-dimensional cartoon character. But the poor execution of the interactive elements, and the fact that parts of it broke after a day of testing, ultimately disappoints.