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Sophia will be 4 in January. She's very good at taking care of her toys so far. But I still can't trust her to play Calico critter furniture with all the small pieces. (Table, chair, beds are fine, assesories, no). I won't let her play that with no supervision. Otherwise she could lose half of the set in a few days. Just like she plays polly pockets, LPS, I have to watch her very closely and clean up right after she's done playing. It's not like she makes mess on purpose. She could get all exited with the toys and put them in her pocket, in her backpack, in her purse, etc, it will be very hard to find. We spent almost 6 months finding the baby of her doll house, size is about the same as Calico critters, found it in the side pocket of her Hello kitty stuff annimal bag.

I would suggest you to get some good containers to store the little pieces, I found some small boxes in Ikea, using them to store Sophia's Klutz book toys.

The Country Living Room Set is specifically made for the Country Tree House, yet can also be used in any Calico home Your critters can relax in the 2 cushioned chairs of this comfortable living room Other features include a rustic table, coat rack, 4 shortbread cookies, 2 plates and 2 cups Lovely heart designs on coat rack and chairs Mix and match with other Calico Critter furniture and accessories sets

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