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We are also now offering belly castings!You have the option of having the casting painted by us, or having the unfinished casting for your family and friends to help decorate.

For three hours every morning, each student worked on their own cast drawing or painting. I chose to paint Beethoven’s death mask which, in hindsight, was probably biting off more than I could chew in the 30 hours I had to complete the work. There were times when I stared blankly at the canvas, feeling devoid of any technical ability. However, the great thing about attending the course was that it forced me to push my boundaries and continue with the painting even when I would really rather have gone off in a sulk like a small child who isn’t allowed any pudding until she finishes her vegetables. If I’d had longer to work on this painting, I would have liked to have refined it further, but I feel that the exercise of cast painting has really helped to solidify the techniques of oil painting. This series of photos shows the progression of my painting over the fortnight. The cast itself is on the far left:

Maternity Belly Casting Painting By: La Rich Arts

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