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Crayola 48 Count Sidewalk Chalk (51-2048)(Discontinued by manufacturer)


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Although this interest might rise to significance in a semi-enclosed government space where an aesthetic change or challenging message might slow the passage of large crowds — as, say, in an airport or Grand Central Station — this is not the situation in most of the chalking cases, where the chalker is a lone “speaker” in a large public space or one of a small number who are protesting without blocking pedestrian movement. Indeed, one might argue that in situations where free movement is especially important, a chalked sidewalk is less likely to impede crowd movement than a human protester standing on the sidewalk or in the plaza with a sign or leaflets to hand out to passersby; both activities have been held to be protected speech so long as they do not unduly block passage.

Many porch hosts have already put chalk to sidewalk (or “chalk to wall” as in the case above) or ink to signage to promote their band for this coming Saturday’s event. Y’all rule.

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