With Charlie Banana diapers, you get the best of both diaper worlds!

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We bought three Charlie Banana diapers when they were on sale at Target earlier in the summer. I have a few months’ experience with these diapers now, so here’s what I can tell you…

Update: There is a newer version of the One Size Charlie Banana.
is a new cloth brand to hit the scene. They already have an impressive line up of products. I was asked to review the One Size and Sized Charlie Banana diapers, which are a 2-in-1 system since you can also use them with disposable inserts if you choose.

Charlie Banana Sized Cloth Diaper Review:

I absolutely love our Charlie Banana diapers!!

  • Jonina says:

    My favorite is the Nautical. They are so cute. If i have a girl, i’ll have to get the Lovely. I love Charlie Banana diapers! They fit my little guy perfect. They are so soft and a much trimmer fit than most of my other cds.

  • My favorite Charlie Banana diaper is Beary Black! :D:D

    Charlie Banana diapers have a fleece interior and micro terry inserts, so it keeps baby dry and diaper rash-free. Cloth diapering cuts down on diaper rash tremendously.

    I love this article! I use Charlie Banana diapers and they are amazing. So is cloth in general. I have older washing machines (7 years old) and mine ALWAYS wash out great – never been an issue yet. My daughter loves them, looks so cute and people always say I have very modern, fancy looking diapers. They are shocked when I say they are cloth.😦 Charlie Banana changed my complete outlook on cloth diapers!