Chicago Skates Men's Rink Skate

Chicago Women's Rink Skate (Size 8), White


Chicago Skates Women's Rink Skate

Get started in the rink with Chicago Skates Men's Rink Skate. This pair is good to start your toddlers skating. The design and build of this pair of skates give better adhesive friction and control. This skate has a high profile boot that supports the ankles for easy moves. This pair has an easy eyelet and speed hook lacing system. The semi-precision bearings keep you rolling fast and smooth.

If you’re just starting out in jam skating or your kid wants to take it up, these are the perfect jam starter skates, because as far as jam skates go, the Chicago Bullet Skates are the bomb!

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Chicago Skates for inline or roller skating ..

My son has worn Chicago skates for the last (5) years. They hold up great and the inside has a leather lining, which is a huge plus. I normally would try and buy Riddell, but the quality isn't much better unless the outer of the boot is leather. This skate seems to hold up under any tricks, and pressure that he puts on it. I always buy them two sizes larger and use a gel sole, it helps with the growing spurts. Overall a great skate, which I have given his old pair to my sister, who invested in the Riddells, only to discover two years later that the boot is still too stiff and not loosened. She tried on these Chicago skates and fell in love with them! We are skating enthusiast and truly enjoy this hobby and passion, not to mention a great deal at a great price.

We love those skates they are real deal too. I will tell all my friends too buy Chicago skates. They are number one skates in the world! So go and buy them?