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Munchkin 2 Count Door Knob Cover

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Child proof door locks- door monkey baby proofing

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These 5 child safe door locks and latches were brought to you by Yale composite doors UK. Yale Doors are police approved and adhere to the ‘secured by design’ initiative.

Door Knob Covers - Child Door Locks

Door Monkey, Childproof Door Lock & Pinch Guard

- This Door Guardian Childproof Deadbolt and Security Lock has been, also, used effectively to prevent from wandering out both, children and adults; especially little children, autistic children, kids that sleepwalk and adults that have Alzheimer's disease. The Door Guardian is an effective solution in securing and reinforcing exterior doors for the "latchkey kids". Once the child got inside and secured the Door Guardian in the locked position, no forced entry is possible. The Door Guardian Childproof Deadbolt and Security Lock resists the forced entry 12 times more effectively than any regular dead bolt. The Door Guardian Deadbolt and Security Lock resists forced entry in homes, student residences, cottages, condos and apartments. Applications are limitless, as the Door Guardian Dead Bolt / Security Lock can be installed on: Front Doors Side Doors Back Doors Garage Door Entrances Balcony Doors Double Doors Pantry Doors in the Kitchen The Door Guardian Deadbolt and Security Lock may be installed anywhere along the door frame.

- The Door Guardian effectively childproofs your exterior doors, providing peace of mind for you and your family. This lock resists forced entry and effectively secures, reinforces, and childproofs exterior doors. Use the Door Guardian on any exterior or basement door. The Door Guardian helps prevent wandering in groups like sleepwalking children and seniors who require supervision. Recognized as “one of the best new child safety products” by the National Safe Kids Campaign in Washington, D.C., the Door Guardian works double duty as both a security device and as a childproofing lock. Durable and attractive, the heavy-duty Door Guardian features rugged metal construction which will complement any décor.

These patio door locks prevent sliding glass doors from being LIFTED OUT from their tracks. Most factory installed locks or after-market products do not shut this open door into your home. Criminals know how easy it is to lift a door panel out of it’s track. Over 4 million Double Bolt patio door locks have been sold. talking about our product. Isn't it time you took advantage of this great way to guard yourself and your family. Our patio door locks are great protection from break-in's, but more importantly for many - the childproof sliding door locks make sure that young ones don't unintentionally walk out of your sliding glass door. So many toddlers have wandered out a slider that has an easy to open, non-child proof patio door lock within the reach of small hands. Invest in the that will protect your family and keep your children safe from danger, the SafeSlider Solution!