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Sledge: The Hockey Player's Secret Baby

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Convertible Oak Child Sled - Simple Design / Basic Tools

Did you have a favorite childhood sled? Did you own a Flexible Flyer? Have you ever felt the acceleration with friends on a wooden toboggan? Welcome to the Vintage Winter collection of antique sleighs, sleds and toboggans. The sleds we have available for purchase embody fun, historic smiles and the best of wintertime.

Awsome garage sale find today. We don't use too many sleds in Texas so didn't know much about them. I have used some Flexable Flyers in Christmas displays but not a sled like this. 35" in length 10" high all wood with metal facing the runners. I asked how much and he said make an offer. I explained that I'm a cheap buyer so I'll offer $5 and when he countered at $10 I almost ripped my pocket getting the money out. I did some research this was referred to as a transport sled for carrying supplies. Made in Switzerland Davos sleds were used by German soldiers to carry ammunition through the snow. Also saw it referred to as a childs sled on one auction site. I'm going with transport sled. No way to guide it and has pull on front to attach a rope. Maybe someone from snow and ice country can solve the mystery Hope I didn't pay too much!!! Has been persnolized with the name Serbin on underneath. Thanks for looking.

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  • I would like to know what kind of childrens sled I have, and

    Child and Sledge Cookie Cutter
    For a simple and effective way to finish your baked cookies decorate with white icing and a sprinkle of (little sugar balls just bigger than 100's and 1000's) to mimic snow!
    Measuring 10cm wide x 8cm high approx.