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Helps solve 5 common sleep problems.

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Helps solve 5 common sleep problems.

When you place the cosleeper next to the bed, make sure the mattresses fit snugly together. The potential for a gap between the mattresses is a danger of ...

Co-sleeping with your baby is a great way to enhance bonding and makes it much easier to handle feeding in the middle of the night. However, pediatricians raise very legitimate safety concerns about sleeping in the same bed with your baby.

Where did you find sheets for your cosleeper? Or did you make them?

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  • So the cosleepers have higher weight limits.

    You are ultimately responsible for the safety of your child, so you must decide for yourself what makes a safe cosleeper and only use this design if you ...

    Our solution is a sidecar cosleeper that sits beside the bed, putting the baby right next to us, but with her own sleeping area so we won't accidentally roll over & squish her. I've made three of these over the years using standard dimensional lumber. You can make your own in a couple of hours.