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Spasilk 10 pack Soft Terry Washcloth, Pink


Multi-colored Bibs & Burp Cloths: Boy - Kmart

I have a number of burp cloth sets ready to ship immediately, and can usually have more ready to send within 1-3 days. These colorful burp cloths are just the gift you're looking for!

A beautiful Monet inspired floral print is zig zag stitched to a hand dyed grass green colored burp cloth. Such a unique color, this green is my absolute favorite. Thanks for looking!

Multi-colored Bibs & Burp Cloths - Kmart

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The original hand dyed burp cloth by laundrymonster on Etsy

Brushing the dirt off your shoulder is easy. Brushing the mess off your shoulder that a child makes can be much more difficult. Keep your shoulder, and shirt, clean with a Zazzle Colors burp cloth. Zazzle's lightweight baby burp cloths are made with the softest polyester and our ink is baby-safe. Choose from our great collection of designs, images, and text. No more mess on your shirt thanks to our burp cloths!