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To determine this, one must weight the advantages of the computer against it'sdisadvantages. A great deal of information on this can be derived from the research paperComputers for the Preschool: Beyond the Basics by Charlene Margot and Nancy Armstrong. They state that children are natally attracted to computers because even a child can feel a greatdeal of control over the computer (Margot et. al 4). What is meant by this is that it is even a fouryear old can be taught to turn on a computer and load up an appropriate program. This allows asense of pride in a child analogous to their being able to spell their own name, or read the letterson a big, red stop sign. (3) This is a unique way for a child to feel powerful in a grown up world,and therefore it can quite helpful in the building of self esteem (Margot et. al 4)

Some of the best sites are Sesame Street, Nickelodeon as well as Fisher Price. Here one will come across a wide selection of computer games for preschoolers that will entertain while educating the youngster. It will lead to the development of an inner confidence in the child – the best fun filled foundation for his future.

The Effective Use of Computers with Young Children

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The unique and innovative computer games for preschoolers turn education and learning into fun. The concept is new. Children get acquainted with facts, shapes and numbers through joyful hours of exploration into a new world.

ANSWER: Children do not need to know how to use a computer before starting preschool or kindergarten. However, many will. "We are rapidly entering the time when students will be at risk if they don't have knowledge of or are active users of technology before they enter school," says Frank Bensinger, principal of the Forest Edge Elementary School for Communications and Technology in Fairfax County, Va. He can identify the kids that haven't been using technology at home because they "seem timid and awkward around tech things." Fortunately, "it doesn't take them too long to get involved," he says.