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The Connect Four online game is an interestinggame of strategy and planning from Knowledge Adventure, the makerof award-winning for kids.

Ahhhh, Connect Four. The stuff of my youth. Many an hour was spent on our old plastic Connect Four game, with my sister outsmarting me almost every dang time. I had to make a new version so I could play her again and try to even the score! Ryan and I have been playing at night after Henry goes to bed so I can brush up my skillz and challenge her to a Connect Four duel! Wanna make one and relive your youth, too?

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Connect Four game for two players online. You need the

Great for giant school and giant company events, giant carnivals and giant outdoor parties, this Giant Connect Four game (also known as Up-4-It or Four-In-A-Row) is guaranteed to keep the fun going. At almost four feet tall, it’s a blast for all ages!

You will need to setup two connect four game boards on each side of your gym floor. Forty-two hoops will need to be placed on each side of the gym – seven rows across and six rows deep (if you don’t have enough hoops, poly spots or even masking tape could be used instead). Two teams play on each side of the gym for a total of four teams. One team on each side will wear jerseys and the other team will be called shirts.