2gb Cordless Wireless Mp3 Player Headphone Headset and Sd

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Reinventing the portable MP3 player.

Bombardier as always is committed to providing a superior value and service to there customers. Who better than Bombardier to create the world’s first cordless MP3 player! The Titanium Cordless can not only store loads of photos, movies and music as well as surf the web but you can also program several playlists and leave the Titanium Cordless wherever you choose as you walk away still enjoying the music. As long as you are in a 5-mile radius of the Titanium Cordless, it is now possible to have your music follow you with no ‘strings’ attached.

The new Samsung cordless MP3 music player, however, will not be available in Germany, according to the company spokesman. "The Bluetooth headset is a bit heavy," he said. "A Bluetooth-enabled portable media player that costs €300, but offers only 2G bytes could be a tough sale against an iPod with a whole lot more storage for the same price."

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