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I’ve been meaning to make a post about Car Seat Safety for awhile, and I finally had time to! There is nothing more important than keeping your child completely safe. When I first became a mom I never knew there were so many studies, research, and facts out there about what was safest. I thought you just put your baby in a car seat, strapped them in, and that was it. Wrong. There is so much more detail that you need to know. Facts that you need to know. Scrolling through Facebook at friends pictures I see so many incorrect car seat pictures, and I used to message these people and let them know why this should be done or why that should be done, but I never got a very good response back. I’m not really sure why as these are facts, and I’m trying to help keep their kid as safe as possible.

I do not have kids yet and do not drive but I understand the importance of correct car seat and making sure you are using the correct instructions for your child’s needs.

Choose The Correct Car Seat: A Guide For First Time Parents -

The Importance of Correct Car Seat Usage:
Implications and Resources for Nurse Practitioners
by Sharon K. Jung, MSN, ARNP, CNRN

60-2 Correct Car Seat Installation

While it is true that the weight of the car seat carrier has some bearing on how safe the car seat is, it is not an overall gauge to judge the seat’s safety. A lightweight car seat installed correctly is better than a heavy car seat installed incorrectly. As long as you know you have a correctly installed car seat; a lightweight car seat carrier would be your best friend. If your husband is not around and you don’t have a stroller frame or a travel system stroller to connect your car seat base into, LIGHTWEIGHT should be your primary concern. You should not be struggling to carry around the car seat carrier while you are out of the car. You also don’t have to be a professional weight-lifter to afford to take the seat comfortably. Also, take note how easy it is to use the handles of the seat for you to carry it around conveniently.

When accidents happen, a correctly installed car seat can save your baby’s life. It is therefore a must that the seat you are buying is relatively easy to install. And no matter how confident you are that you have done it correctly, it is best to have an expert double check your installation. Make time and go to your nearest fire station to let them have a look. Better safe than sorry.