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Super Cute 12" White Baby Doll, Comes with a Training Potty, Adorable Bib, and Baby Bottle, Give your Daughter the Right Training While She Does it Herself.


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Indulge your little girl with cute baby dolls and accessories that are sure to delight. Lil’ Cutesies are a signature line of gorgeous vinyl baby dolls for girls, manufactured exclusively by JC toys. We’re proud to bring to life the cutest and most adorable expressions in our unique collection of big-eyed dolls.

Check out the full line of Lil’ Cutesies baby dolls and accessories, and build your very own collection. A 17-inch All Grown Up Lil’ Cutesies doll can be ideal for any girl and comes dressed in a washable outfit, complete with a pacifier and bottle. With moveable legs, arms and head, the dolls make the perfect companion to every child. The 8.5-inch Lil’ Cutesies dolls come with their own special accessory. Choose from a caterpillar rocker, ladybug pull along, tricycle, bathtub, stroller, buggy or play box to make your playtime and doll outings even more fun. We offer free shipping on all orders of $99 or more, so don’t forget to get a gift for every special girl in your life.

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    Following the cutest . They are not the Wonders of nature, but they are greatest works made by human. Outside and inside of baby dolls is a working process hardly but magical. Usually, young girls or girl children love cute dolls more than. That’s why them like to collect more cute baby dolls or in their collection.

    Images of baby dolls are usually in female children’ s collection. Cute dolls look like lively girl children. They made from great hands of human. Beautiful dolls means the beauty of childrens. The children can make their dolls great in all ways. Cute baby dolls pictures like toys for children, esspecially, female children.