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Cyber Monday 2016: Best Buy Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber holiday sales can be an excellent opportunity to solidify your brand or create some reasonable separation between you and your competition.

Every cyber holiday has a different dynamic and needs that require filling. Try and imagine what YOUR customers might be doing and thinking during that time, then generate an enticing deal that will make sense for both you and the customer.

Cyber Monday Deals and Sales 2016 - JCPenney

Cyber Monday Deals : Cyber Monday 2016 : Target

Check with your shipping providers a month in advance to determine how you might capitalize on this cyber holiday. Just remember, naughty or nice, do not make promises you cannot keep.

This cyber holiday could not be any more dubious ;). Free Shipping Day is an excellent opportunity to guarantee “By Christmas” shipping. There are a solid 4 week days and a Saturday available for shipping providers to make the holiday trek to your customers doorstep.