The Baby Born Dance With Me Doll would be for my niece.

Mimi Rose and the Dancing Doll


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I know this is going to be a hit for Madi and look forward to seeing the look on her face when it dances to her favorite songs. Shop for Baby Born Dance With Me Doll at Walmart, Toys R Us or directly from .

Since my niece has mastered her mom’s iPod I thought it would be appropriate to give her the Baby Born Dance With Me Doll for Christmas. Madi herself is a dancing fool and often grabs the paws of the dog to boogie along to YoGabbaGabba or the Fresh Beat Band. Shae is her usual dance partner but what about when they aren’t together. I want to give her a full-time dance partner.

Dancing Dolls, Jackson, Mississippi

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    Do you know a child that would love to dance along with Baby Born Dance With Me Doll? Win one just by letting me know who this would be for.