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iphone 6 Plus case, Star Wars Case,Mingfung 3D Darth Vader Collector soft silicone cover case for iPhone 6 Plus(5.5"inch)

Too low to display

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Your iPhone 6 will resist the destructive power of the Dark Side while under the armored protection of Lord Vader's cell shell. The Force will be strong wherever you travel in the galaxy with this Darth Vader clip case.

I just love anything star wars. I have a nice size collection but I am still looking for a good Darth Vader Case. Mainly to hold my custom figures in

Star Wars Darth Vader Case for iPhone 5 - Toys"R"Us

Prototype Darth Vader Cases
Here is the set of the three known varieties of Darth Vader case prototypes. From left to right: dull gold Vader, white mold test Vader case, and the legendary gold Vader case.

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I have TWO of the Generic cases… but I coveted the Darth Vader case for years… I proudly have no use for them as I have the figures on display in my studio! #coolwife

Here is another commercial that shows off the Darth Vader case a bit more. The cool part about this video is that at the end it shows another generic which I had never seen before.