You can also get a DirectDeck that just plays music for $10 less.

Griffin DirectDeck, Cassette Adapter for Car Stereo System - For iPhone, iPod, Mp3 player, CD player, & Smartphones

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The DirectDeck is part of Griffin’s DriveSafe range and sports an inline microphone so you can make and receive calls as you drive while keeping your hands firmly on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Just because you are into the latest technology (owning an iPod or iPhone) doesn't mean that you have to drive the most advanced car. Many people still drive cars that are equipped with a tape deck, which is awesome. Griffin has just released their DirectDeck device, which allows you to play the music on your iPod through your car's stereo through your tape deck. The DirectDeck is even equipped with an in-line remote that allows you to control your music without touching your iPhone or iPod! This device comes with an unbelievably low price tag of about $30.

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    This is a great solution for playing Zune in your vehicle if you happen to have a tape player installed. At $14.99 (or potentially less on Amazon) it's far cheaper than an FM car transmitter. I received the DirectDeck as a Christmas present from my wife, and have used it the past few months. I've been pleased with the DirectDeck's convenience and sound quality.

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    Never satisfied with the audio quality of FM transmitters, I've relied on cassette adapters for years. 's DirectDeck HandsFree adds a microphone atop the auxiliary plug, making for a welcome update to the old standard. When combined with a simple dashboard mount, this makes for an easy, inexpensive setup.