Porter Disc Player Music Box - Porter Titus Serpentine 15 1/2" (15.5)

Fisher Price Classic Record Player


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The discs will play a tune that is about 24 seconds long.If you don't already own a DISC PLAYER music box, you can purchase one fromus. There is a large library of discs available that can playon these players. Not only would you have your own song but the ability toown all the other discs as well. We can make just one disc - there is no minimum.We would need either sheet music, or a media file (midi, etc). We would needyou to clearly indicate 22-24 seconds of music to be used for the disc.

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  • Porter Disc Player Music Box - The Twin $25,000.00$23,000.00
  • the disc record spins with music, and the stylus can be ..