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1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Exterior Door 6 Panel

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Custom dolls house doors are easily made for any scale of dollhouse and other model buildings using craft wood or and simple handtools. These illustrated instructions show you a 'sandwich' technique suitable for making doors with glazing or panels. This technique can be used with flat wood stocks and does not require special moldings or stock that has a router cut channel to hold the glass in place in the door.

All the framing pieces for the Dollhouse Shop Door are cut from 1/8 inch thick material, 3/8 inches wide. If you are building the door frame with a transom window you will need two uprights, and three cross members to fit between the uprights. If you do not want a window above the door, you will only need two cross members. The size of your pieces will depend on how large a transom window you want above your door, and how wide you built your door.

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If your dollhouse door window fits neatly into the recess in your door as shown in the photo, remove the protective covering from the acrylic and glue the final pieces of the trim over the glass and onto the door as you did on the other side of the glass and center panel. If your glazing section is too large, adjust the plastic by sanding it gently with fine sand paper, or sand the edges of the recess where they push against the window.

I based the size of my door on commercial dolls house doors which are usually designed for door surrounds which are 3/8 inch thick. If the wall you want to insert your door in is thicker or narrower, you will need to adjust your materials. The door itself is roughly 3/16 inch wide, allowing you to set it flush with one side of the door surround, or set it back from the front or back sides to leave a 'reveal'. As built, this door will swing in either direction. It can be easily prevented from swinging in or out by adding a strip of wood to the door frame to act as a door block. This can be added across the base of the door frame, or along the frame behind the opening door edge.