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Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer: Playtime Together Dora and Me Dollhouse


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With the Fisher Price Dora the Explorer Talking Doll House, there is one other fun aspect that children will enjoy, and that is the sound effects. These sounds are bilingual, but not always entirely so, and they are intended to help children learn Spanish words. When a button is pressed, the refrigerator door is opened, etc., the phrase will be stated in English first. Press it quickly again, and the phrase will be repeated either entirely in Spanish, or with the final word or words in Spanish. For example, "What's Cooking in the Oven?" repeats again as "What's Cooking in the horno?". There are many phrases, and each of the six voice- activated objects makes several different comments. All of them feature Dora's voice, so young fans of the show will easily recognize the voice and enjoy the sounds.

The Fisher Price Dora the Explorer Talking Doll House is most notable for its size and the multiple rooms contained within. The best of the rooms is the kitchen because it is here where most of the sounds are created and where most of the fun can be found. The other rooms in the house are basically empty, but the kitchen already has built in appliances and other things. Children will enjoy setting up the kitchen and playing with the refrigerator, stove, and other objects. They will also enjoy the upstairs expansion, the pictures and accessories on the walls, the large front door where they can greet friends, and more.

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Dora the Explorer Dollhouse Furniture, Baby Room.

My girls love their Fisher Price Dora the Explorer Talking Doll House and they consider it one of their favorite Dora the Explorer toys. But there are some features/facts about this dollhouse that make it less than perfect. The way the sides fold open, platforms are created that can serve as a floor area while children play. This is nice, but the problem is there is no place to store any added accessories. You will need to store them separately and try not to lose them. The dollhouse is constructed in a way that makes it as compact as possible for better storage when folded shut. But this means there is almost no empty space on the interior for storing added accessories.

My two girls are Dora the Explorer fanatics and they have been hooked on the little Latino girl and her family and friends since they were old enough to see. They have plenty of Dora the Explorer toys and the Fisher Price Dora the Explorer Talking Doll House ranks among the largest toys they own depicting Dora and her friends. This dollhouse is larger than it initially appears, thanks to the fold- out walls and expandable top, adding additional space that can keep children occupied for hours.