its a draggon dagger from runescape

"Sort of." Shadow said, sharpening her dragon dagger.

Too low to display

((Shadow's dragon dagger looks like this:

Tommy was working hard at Billy's garage, trying to repair Kimberly's float model that earlier Putties had destroyed. Tommy's communicator goes off. It is Zordon. Zordon tells him the Power Rangers need him in Angel Grove park. Tommy morphs and teleports out. In the park, Spit Flower is about to step on the five Rangers when Green Ranger arrives. Green Ranger uses his Dragon Dagger and fires at Spit Flower. Spit Flower is knocked off his feet. Green Ranger races over to the rest of the Rangers and makes sure they are okay. Spit Flower gets back up and uses his breath to pull in hundreds of flowers. The Rangers have been watching Spit Flower. Red Ranger makes the decision that they need Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. Green Ranger summons Dragonzord. Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger summon their zords. The zords all arrive and form Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. The five Rangers leap into Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode battles Spit Flower, first using his drill. But it is not enough and the Power Rangers have to retreat. Later, five of the Rangers return to battle Spit Flower. Pink Ranger used her Power Bow to destroy Spit Flower's spit sack. This weakens Spit Flower. The five Rangers then form the Power Blaster and destroy Spit Flower with it.

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    Tommy was about to enter the Youth Center when several Putties arrived. Tommy battled and defeated the Putties. Tommy's communicator went off. It is Zordon. Your fellow Power Rangers are in trouble. Join them immediately. Tommy morphs and teleports to the battle. Megazord had been battling Frankenstein. Green Ranger summons Dragonzord with his Dragon Dagger. Dragonzord emerges and quickly joins in the battle. Dragonzord and Megazord battle Frankenstein. Dragonzord tries to knock Frankenstein down with his tail, but Frankenstein grabs it's tail instead. Frankenstein lifts Dragonzord into the air, spins it around and knocks it against Megazord. Megazord falls to the ground. Frankenstein spins Dragonzord a couple of more times and then lets it go. Dragonzord falls to the ground. Dragonzord and Megazord get up. Frankenstein blasts them with his mouth. Frankenstein then takes the bolts out of his neck and hits Dragonzord and Megazord with them. Red Ranger declare it's time to regroup. It's time for Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. The two fight. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode tries to blast Frankenstein, but Frankenstein returns the blast to him. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode powers up the power staff. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode destroys Frankenstein with the power staff. Green Ranger comments that's what I call one bad case of indigestion.

    Tommy and Jason were sent on a quest to get new weapons to help them defeat the Super Weapons. Titanus comes out of the mists. Tommy notices Titanus and points him out to Jason. Titanus starts firing at them. Tommy and Jason manage to avoid the blasts. Boulders start tumbling down the hill towards them. Tommy and Jason manage to jump out of the way of the boulders. Tommy and Jason find a relatively safe place. Tommy asks what is that thing? Jason doesn't have an answer for him. Tommy and Jason morph. Red Ranger tells Green Ranger he'll take care of that land lizard. Green Ranger tells him to wait for him. Titanus continues to fire at the two Rangers. They are knocked off their feet and roll down the hill. Red Ranger asks Green Ranger if he is okay? Green Ranger is. Green Ranger points out that if they don't get to the top of the hill soon, our friends will be finished. Red Ranger tells Green Ranger he's got the strength to get up the hill faster than him, but you're better with a sword than I am. If we work together we can beat this thing. Red Ranger gives Green Ranger the Power Sword. Green Ranger agrees - it's time for some gung ho. Green Ranger tells Red Ranger to take the hill, he'll cover him. Green Ranger can't let Red Ranger go unprotected. Green Ranger transfers his shield onto Red Ranger. Red Ranger thanks him. Green Ranger tells him they're partners, right? Get up there and get those weapons! Green Ranger takes off to face Titanus. Red Ranger begins the climb up the hill. Titanus is occupied with Green Ranger firing at him with the Power Sword. Titanus fires back at Green Ranger. Red Ranger sees Green Ranger fall and is concern. Green Ranger tells him he is okay, keep going. Red Ranger shouts out to cover him and Red Ranger continues up the hill. Titanus fires a few blasts at Red Ranger. Red Ranger continues to climb. Green Ranger distracts Titanus by using the Dragon Dagger and Power Sword together to fire a powerful blast. Titanus starts firing at Green Ranger. Red Ranger reaches the top of the hill and takes down the chest. Red Ranger opens the chest and the weapons are inside. Red Ranger hollers to Green Ranger that he got them. Elsewhere, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger struggle in their battle against the Super Putties. The four Rangers are knocked to the ground. Suddenly several blasts hit the Super Putties. It is Green Range rand Red Ranger above them. Red Ranger shouts out we are back and we've got some presents for you, courtesy of Zordon. Green Ranger and Red Ranger tosses the weapons down to Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger. The four Rangers catch them easily. The Rangers fire the new weapons and destroy the Super Putties.