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I know dreaming about turtles can indicate pregnancy, which makes sense, I'm 2 months pregnant. In this dream I was on this road and there was a two large turtles and a smaller one. The two larger ones were box turtles, bigger than any I've ever seen and they had lost their shells which were laying on the road, but they still of course had new shells. I kept thinking I have to pick up these shells...I moved the small one out of the road, but kicked the two larger ones off the road. Does anyone have any idea what this could mean?

I keep dreaming about turtles swimming in some water. Then its like I reach for it and then it swim away and 10 more pops up. I have been having the same dream for a week.

Please help. Thanks

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Dream Bible - Dream Interpretation of turtles

Sea turtles and tortoises suggest a cautious spiritual search or path, so dreams involving them underline the importance of patience and fortitude in waking life; remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare, in which slow and steady progress won the race. In this sense, turtles certainly symbolize the benefits of determined, calculated and well-thought-out actions as opposed to hastiness. Being a fertile egglayer that can live for many centuries, the turtle’s symbolism relates both to wisdom and fertility, so if you dreamed of watching a turtle on its back frantically trying to right itself, could your dream have reflected your waking sense that your reallife circumstances have turned upside down? Turtles also represent the ability to protect yourself and take life at your own pace. Since they enjoy both air and water, turtles represent the ability to think clearly and feel deeply at the same time. If your dream turtle is wounded or has been kept in a container, this may suggest issues with your body image, and may also indicate that you do not feel safe and secure in your body.

Dreamer's Associations
I realize that I am all the parts in a dream although I seem to forget this at times. I do not know the symbolism of dreaming of turtles.
I think of my mother laying on the turtle symbolic of her getting in my way, not realizing what she is doing (possibly killing aspects of me – in soul, my young development as a child) by possibly) by her relaxing in the bathroom with the larger one near her lower back. That she could not feel it there tells me that she is unaware of what she is doing; she is potentially suffocating me or killing a part of me without realizing it. That there are two turtles of different size – I have one sister 1 year older; perhaps the turtles represent us.
I do feel my mother was very unaware of herself; riddled with psychological and emotional challenges all her life. I feel I was 'squashed' from every which way due to her fears and lack of self-actualization. Although the turtles seemed to have been squashed, they were 'okay' represents that a person can look okay on the outside (I was a very attractive teenager and young woman) and feel dead or numb or a lack of self worth on the inside.
I do believe that turtles are symbolic of something. I just do not know what.