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A ds_list is a data-structure that stores informationsequentially as it is added (much like a ). Ds lists are very flexible data structures that permityou to add values at the end or insert them somewhere in the middleof the list, as well as giving you the ability to shuffle the order(to randomize the values) or sort them in an ascending ordescending order.

When accessing DS list data structures, you should always try touse integer values for the list position, and allnon-integer indices will be floored by GameMaker: Studio if you donot. If that is not what you require, then you will need to do therounding yourself previously before passing the index that you wishto check.

The following functions exist that deal with DS lists.

So, you've been using 1D arrays and are tired of having to do all the work? Let Game Maker do the heavy lifting and use a ds list instead. With so many built-in functions, this data structure list is extremely attractive.

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